How to Make Your Site Stand Out

Have you researched the total number of websites on the world wide web recently? As of this writing, there are about 200 million websites that are functioning and available to netizens. There are more sites, however, that are inactive, numbering at roughly 1.5 billion. This means there's more sites you don’t have to compete with for the 4.54 billion internet user’s attention.

Where to Start

Producing a website that genuinely presents a show-stopping user experience needs specific equations. You will need a fast user interface, professional design, information clarity, and aesthetically pleasing images. There are an estimated 576,000 new sites created daily, and each is vying for promising interaction and effective communication.

The best starting point is to define what type of website you are divining. There are many internet landing pages, each navigating to promote their words, goods, news, and message. Will your site be a business, blog, personal portfolio, podcast, or community outreach? Arrive at the right genre and niche for your site before you design.

Different But Not Too Different

Scour the net for pleasing landing page designs and ease of use. You’ll see a style trend with highly trafficked sites. If you venture too far away from the design box, the user may have hiccups with uncharted UI standards.

Engaging with your site should be a straightforward process sans extreme variances that will create confusion. You want to be different, but not incredulously far out. Colors, typography, and layouts might be similar; however, one central element presides, individuality.

Regardless of the subject matter, every site has a story to share that reveals personality, intentions, and original expression. Even sites with high information content, like online gaming sites, can deliver an individualized display that users will remember.

One such site is The color selection of trustworthy blues, official red logo, and organized information tabs creates an effortless scan with comprehendible details to grasp.

Ready to Create?

You have creation choices. There are popular subscription templates, professional web designers, and educational sites with step-by-step instructions.

Know your audience and focus on creating relatable aesthetics and content. You want your visitors to become regulars with continual re-visits and clientele growth. If your website is pleasing to the eyes, most likely, your visitors will spend time perusing the site pages and return. What your site looks like is highly important and can make or break a sale or client connection.

There are digital assets that will help guide visual attention and interactivity. Including these in your design fundamentals will help give your site a distinctive prominence.

  • Legible font selection
  • Appropriate color schemes (easy to view)
  • Social media buttons
  • High-resolution quality images
  • 3D depth
  • Badges and ribbons
  • Manageable image galleries
  • Light user-friendly animation features
  • Visitor counts, promotion, and blog updates
  • Icons

Outreach to millions has become a daily phenomenon via the world wide web. Connect with your audience by creating a fantastic website using digital tools and techniques that make your site stand out!

25 Aug 2021